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Caution: Trading involves the possibility of financial loss. Only trade with money that you are prepared to lose, you must recognize that for factors outside your control you may lose all of the money in your trading account. Many forex brokers also hold you liable for losses that exceed your trading capital. So you may stand to lose more money than is in your account. ForexTradeStation.com takes no responsibility for loss incurred as a result of our trading signals. By signing up as a member you acknowledge that we are not providing financial advice and that you are making a decision to copy our trades on your own demo account. We have no knowledge on the level of money you are trading with or the level of risk you are taking with each trade. You must make your own financial decisions, we take no responsibility for money made or lost as a result of our signals or advice on forex related products on this website. Past performance is not an assurance of future performance. These trades are for educational purposes only and thus should be traded only on a demo account.

Color coded trades are paired corrective trades taken as per our trading strategy.
Trades sorted in ascending order by closed date. 
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